About Us


Ecuaestibas S.A. is an Ecuadorean company constituted as a corporation and is a branch of Sudamericana Agencias Aéreas y Marítimas (SAAM) in Ecuador. We began operations in the year 1995 and our main activities are related to port services for shipments and cargo vessels in all Ecuadorean ports. Amongst them are included: Tugs, Loading/ Unloading, Storage of Containers and General Cargo, Depot and maintenance of Containers, Harbour Mobile Cranes, Port Equipment and Logistics of pilot assistance.

We are a company that has been a leading force in the modernization of the port system and has ended up by becoming the most important in each sector of the activities developed in their trajectory, with the biggest geographical coverage and diversification of services.

The success reached is based on a diferentiation strategy through the quick adaptation to the individual necessities of our clients, the application of modern procedures and the investment and handling of last generation technology, having as main objectives the optimization of the work, the security and the conservation of the environment. These attributes transform us into our clients’ commercial partners since one of our main concerns is to add value to their business by means of the benefits of superior service. We grant direct and indirect employment to more than three hundred fifty people, permanently qualified for the appropriate development of their activities, tools that we give them in order motivate our personnel, so allowing them to become perfected, fulfilling in this way a social role that we consider fundamental.

We also have the permanent support represented by more than 50 years of institutional experience at a Latin American level.
These qualities allow us to deliver an integral and personalized service, offering total trust in the ports of Ecuador.

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