Market leaders of tugboats in Ecuador


Tug Boats


Our tugs boats have technology of twin propeller drive shafts, fight fire systems, winches for towing, attributes that allow us to carry out, besides operations in Port, rescue services and assistance.

Docking and undocking of ships

We provide support services to ships in their maneuvers input and / or output from their berth in ports.


We provide shuttle service ships from a point of origin to its final destination.


We provide rescue services to boats in distress.

Assistance in off shore operations

We provide assistance services to oil terminals in their operations off shore.

Quality Policy

Our commitment in satisfying our customers by means of operational excellence in services of mobile cranes and shipping can only be achieved with the union of workers’ will, their expertise and constant desire to excel. As well, we include a strategy that differentiates us from our competitors based on communication with our customers, our rapid adaptation to individual needs, and investment on technology and upgrade of processes.

The achievement of this commitment adds value to the business of our customer, bringing them closer and converting them into our business partners, together with the main objectives of our company: optimization of tasks, security, compliance with the legal framework and respect for the environment.

These principles allow us to provide total confidence in Ecuadorian ports and maintain Ecuaestibas S.A. as leader of the market.

Enrique Brito Marín
General Manager

Our Fleet

We operate with a fleet based in the 4 commercial ports of Ecuador and private terminals.

Guayas II



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